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Old 10-12-2004, 18:51
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Arrow Requesting Rules And Other Important Information

Hi all,

We advise you do the following when requesting a cover.

  • Please use the search function located here Before you make a request as at the moment there are several requests for the same covers where it would be a lot easier to handle such requests within one thread and saves different people sending them and filling mail boxes
  • Please make sure that you leave an email address in your request post (not recommended) Better still, make sure your email can be viewed via your profile.
This is done by clicking on User CP (top left corner) On the next screen you need to click on Edit Options (top left corner) and then scroll down to find the Messaging and notification section (centre of screen) In here you need to put a tick in the Receive Email from Other Members box. Then continue to scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the Save Changes button.
  • Please use a reliable mail provider - Ideally one that can accept large attachements. Some Hi-Res covers can be as large as 7-8 Mb each! It isn't very nice for the sender to spend time sending a large cover only for it to bounce back as undeliverable. Your own ISP mail providers are normally fine, but freebies such as Hotmail can be very probmatic. If you must use a freebie, then use Yahoo or the new Gmail service. If anyone is having problems with a member who has a hotmail account - Please pm/email one of the moderators.
  • Please be specific when requesting - For example, if you want a Hi-res cover, then state you want Hi-Res. If you are only interested in a retail cover, and not a custom, then state that. The same logic applies in regards which region you require.
  • When making a request - It is important to put the title of the movie in the thread title. Please don't use 'Look in', 'help me' or other such thing's as a thread title.
  • Do not request hoardes of covers in one request. One is more than enough in one thread. Again, post's will be edited/deleted/closed if this rule is ignored.
  • Please check the short titles thread before starting a new thread for a short title.
  • Don't use the signature space to make Your request list, it's not allowed and will been deleted
  • Always check on the main site before requesting a title. Unless you are requesting a Hi-Res duplicate, all threads started that ask for covers that are on the site will be closed.
  • Be appreciative of other people's effort's in helping you, we take a dim view of people who criticise someone who has spent time emailing a request.
  • Please do not reply to a request by posting a link to another cover site, to image hosts or asking people to join irc channels. Likewise, under no circumstances should anyone start a new thread advertising another cover site. In addition to this, please do not add links to sites/image hosts in your signatures or profile.
  • Please do not start new threads informing people you have the 'latest' cover. This is a request only forum - Threads that are started in this way will be edited, and user warned.
  • Please be aware that a warning is given if any of these rules are broken, and if ignored the user will be temp/perm banned - In some cases there may be no warning and an instant ban implemented
  • We have a great FAQ which contains the answer's to a lot of question's that get asked on a regular basis. It can be found here: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Last but not least. Keep on sharing
A new addition to the rules:

If anyone is receiving emails to join other cover site's, then please report to one of the admin (Shez)

Last edited by Heather; 13-12-2009 at 08:44.


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